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HR Plan of Action for QV Solar LLC Essay

QV Solar LLC has experienced rapid growth that has seen an increase it its staff from 15 to 54 last year in spite of the global economic recession. In order to maintain the position and develop the company as a â€Å"green† company, the Company’s HR proposes a series of strategies that will encourage change and an increase in productivity. The policies will mainly focus primarily on improving the efficiency of the Company’s current workforce since hiring of new employees will not be an immediate viable scheme. The plan will target making the staff understand the company’s mission better by reevaluating their roles and understanding what is specifically expected of them for enhanced success of the company. In order to realize effective change among staff, the HR will target capacity building and teamwork as key concepts of management and ensure that adequate resources are provided to facilitate creation of an environment that favors much success. The HR will design a structure that facilitates constructive feedback from all departments in order to facilitate a systematic flow of information at various organization levels. The smooth flow of information will ultimately lead to the development of better opportunities for a more rapid growth of the company. QV Solar LLC’s HR Plan of Action will be based on Joel Ross and Michael Kami’s opinion that â€Å"managers should avoid organizational rigor mortis†¦ that change is inevitable, and the organization as well as its people must accommodate the change (McConnell 315). The plan of action will also embrace the fact that the only thing that lasts in organizations is change. That change is with organizations and keeps accelerating them. This change will not be produced by internal action only but will also be a factor of external actions- such as consideration of the value of customers to the company (McConnell 315). The HR will focus on changes in product innovation by ensuring that solar panels are tailored as per customer specifications. In order to achieve this, QV Solar LLC should focus on feedback from staff when they install solar panels for customers. Along this line, staff should be trained to facilitate better installation and human relation with customers. The training program will entail integration of staff and customer ideas to ensure that the solar panels are of the highest quality and thus promote QV Solar LLC as a â€Å"greener† company. The training program will be followed by a follow-up evaluation to monitor its effectiveness with a view that customers’ ideas are vital for the Company’s success. The Company’s objective to maintain a clean environment will be facilitated by incorporating customers in a program where they can return their panels to the company for recycling as a means of exercising corporate responsibility. This will also emphasize the fact that change is realized not only from within an organization but also from customers and the prevailing environment. In order to capture a larger share of the market, the HR will review staff performance from time to time and ensure that their skills are constantly ameliorated. This will be will be achieved by ensuring that the employees can work in various departments in different capacities in order to develop a multiplicity of skills that will enhance the company’s productivity without necessarily having to hire more staff. In summary, QV Solar LLC’s Plan of Action will entail strategies that aim at improving productivity by improving the efficiency of employees while recognizing the customer as the most important part of the organization.

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Han and Roman Views on Technology - 1065 Words

â€Å"Han and Roman Views on Technology† The Hans and Romans understood the importance of technology, but unlike the Hans, the Romans viewed anyone who worked with tools or with their hands to be a person of lowly status. The Romans only showed appreciation for technologies that could hold some benefit for the upper-class. The upper-class Romans thought that craftsmen, people who made a living out of making tools, was hardly an occupation that deserved any respect. The Hans appreciated the use of tools in their labor and how it could help the people. The Hans showed a great appreciation of their technological advancements, and its effect on society. The Roman attitude toward technology was that any person who worked in workshops, devoting†¦show more content†¦These tools are also sold at very high prices considering their low quality. The Han government has dominated the trade of iron, controlling the quality of tools used by the people to do work, and the quality of tools the government uses to perform its public duties, such as repair work and the building of public structures. All the previous documents used above were all in the perspective of an upper-class citizen. An additional document that would have shown the attitude of the lower-class citizens and the women’s perspective of these technological achievements would have added authenticity to this argument. A document from the perspective of an upper-class woman in Roman or Han society would show if new technologies affected their everyday work/obligations, or if technologies were solely for the benefit of men. Another source that would have been helpful would be from a lower class woman to show the similarities and differences of the work expected of lower class and upper-class women. Men were dominate in both Roman and Han societies, but the attitude that the lower class men had of technology was excluded from the list of documents provided. The documents consisting of the feelings of the upper class citizens in the Han and Roman society’s states that people of the lower class used too ls to perform their work, but it is unknown how they personally felt about technology and its affect on them. From the informationShow MoreRelatedHan and Roman Dynasty View on Technology903 Words   |  4 Pagesunderstanding that both the Han and Roman empires thought of technology as useful and somewhat revolutionary, but both of them had somewhat different feelings of it. The Han dynasties attitude toward technology was that they thought it was very benefical, and they admired it. The reason this was because they though it to be very helpful in agriculture and construction purposes. Evidence of the positive effects of this can be seen in Document 4: History of the Early Han Dynasty which tells of a governerRead MoreHan and Roman Attitudes Toward Technology Essay618 Words   |  3 Pagesthe documents, analyze Han and Roman attitudes toward technology. Identify one additional type of document and explain briefly how it would help your analysis. The Han and Roman Empires were extremely important empires during the time of their existence. The Han Empire began around 206 BCE and ended at around 220 CE. The Roman Empire began at around 27 BCE and broke apart into two halves, the West falling in 476 and the East collapsing in 1453. The Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire have differentRead MoreSimilarities Between The Han And Roman Empire1027 Words   |  5 Pages The Han and Roman empire were both built with the hard work of the laborers. The laborers being the common people of the Empire. Both the Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire had different outlooks on how the common folk influenced their societies technology. The Romans thought lowly of their common people, thinking they were not as smart as the people in upper class. While in the Han Dynasty the upper class were grateful of the work the people did and knew that the common people was the base ofRead MoreHan And Roman Perspective Of Technology1375 Words   |  6 Page sHan and Roman Perspective of Technology The Han and Roman people were two different societies during the classical period. The documents highlighted Han and Roman attitudes towards technology. The Han documents displayed excerpts from it’s people that explain how the Han people relied on technology daily and respected the inventors of the technology. The Roman documents portrayed the Romans weak reliance on technology, however they do emphasize a beauty to the aesthetic side of technology. Han China’sRead MoreHan And Roman Attitudes Towards Technology1411 Words   |  6 PagesThe Han and Romans attitudes towards technology resembled each other in a variety of ways like how both empires allowed non-government workers to practice engineering and other crafts that dealt with technology. However, during the first century of B.C.E the Han and Roman empires had many differences with their attitudes towards technology. For example, the Roman empire was against engineering and advancements in technology as it had g overnment officials speak out against engineering and being aRead MoreAncient Rome And The Han Dynasty In China1279 Words   |  6 Pages During the Classical Period, Ancient Rome and the Han Dynasty in China were two prospering civilizations. On one hand, there was Ancient Rome, which was a civilization in the Mediterranean area that had been able to last about one-thousand years. Ancient Rome was also considered to be one of the most influential civilizations. The Han Dynasty on the other hand lasted four-hundred years and instead of being the most influential society, the Han Dynasty was one of the most prominent and distinguishedRead MoreRoman Empire And The Han Dynasty810 Words   |  4 PagesThe Roman Empire and the Han dynasty both have created inventions that have inspired the modern world, and created impressive innovations and processes that advanced their primitive societies in the ancient world. Both civilizations worked tirelessly to create innovative solutions to the problems they had, or to advance their cities in a way they felt could not be replicated. Each city had their own view on how these inve ntions should be created and ran. The Romans created aqueducts and inventedRead MoreComparative Look At The Roman Empire And Han Dynasty Economies Essay1409 Words   |  6 Pages A COMPARATIVE LOOK AT THE ROMAN EMPIRE AND HAN DYNASTY ECONOMIES Scott Hosier History 111: World Civilization Before 1650 December 27, 2016 â€Æ' The Roman Empire and Han Dynasty had simple economies--when compared to current global economies--founded on agriculture, mining, trade, and taxation. Although those economies were straightforward it allowed civilizations to grow and eventually collapse. However, the two civilizations had drastically different methodologies on the exchange ofRead MoreEssay on Cross Cultural Exchanges on the Silk Road Networks1643 Words   |  7 PagesSilk was an important item that was traded and began during the Han Dynasty. The Silk Road was a network of trade routes and the first marketplace that allowed people to spread beliefs and cultural ideas across Europe and Asia. Merchants and traders of many countries traveled technologies, diseases and religion on the Silk Road; connecting the West and East. They also imported horses, grapes, medicine products, stones, etc. and deported apricots, pottery and spices. The interaction of these differentRead MoreByzantine Empire vs China1272 Words   |à ‚  6 PagesPostclassical Period. This period, within the year 500 CE and 1450 CE, was built up by â€Å"third-wave civilizations†. In other words, it was built up by large empires characterized by constant patterns of change, trade, and considerable changes in technologies. In 1492 CE these civilizations got global, meaning that the interactions among these different societies stopped being regional. Two empires who were very important during the Postclassical Period were the Byzantine Empire and China. Geographically

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Grade School English My Strong Suit - 928 Words

All throughout grade school english was my strong suit. Before I could even read reading became my favorite activity. I would look through the pictures and make up my own stories. As time went on I began making the stories more and more elaborate and creative. I never wrote these stories down but without knowing it they became the motivation for my future career. Although I did fairly well during school when it came to essay writing, I never truly enjoyed it. I feel as though essays restrict my writing. I am forced to stick to a specific topic and â€Å"choose a side and defend it.† I prefer the chance to be able to write what I feel instead of looking for evidence and details to support a claim. Regardless, I always dedicated myself to essays because I knew that english was the one subject I excelled at and I would not falter. I would drown myself in the books and stories I had to write about and used my passion for the stories to be able to get through the dreadful essays. R eading fascinated me so much that I often read the books my brother was assigned in his classes and even wrote some of his high school essays while I was still in middle school in exchange for him doing my art projects. The first story I ever wrote down was in the eighth grade when we were assigned to write a short story that we would then read to elementary schoolers. I took inspiration from my least favorite movie and my favorite board game, Jumanji and CandyLand. I was finally able to writeShow MoreRelatedPersonal Reflection Paper On English1015 Words   |  5 Pages Reflection Paper English has never been my strong suit. I always hated English simply, because I never concerned myself as a writer. I always stuck to the bare minimum and was pleased to know that I passed. I honestly never tried hard in English because I never felt good enough. I did not see myself as a confident writer and I am not sure I ever will. Since, being enrolled in English 201, it supplied some challenges that I was not ready for and felt unsuited for. Along the way, I learnRead MoreCareer Investigation Into Psychology901 Words   |  4 Pagesand psychological knowledge to understand behaviour in a scientific way. I also feel you need excellent communication and interpersonal skills such as you must be able to build a trusting, constructive relationship with clients. Psychologists need strong team-player skills such as Clinical Psychologists may work alongside consultants, nurses, occupational therapists and social workers. I feel I posses many of these characteristics I have mentione d therefore I feel I would be very suited for thisRead MoreNarrative Essay About Homeschooling1084 Words   |  5 Pageswent to public school kindergarten through fifth grade. In sixth grade I decided I wanted to be homeschooled. While being homeschooled I thought I was the smartest person ever. I got to accelerate faster than everyone I knew. I would finish math assignments in 10 minutes and learn a whole English lesson in 20 minutes. I was doing the same things as kids in seventh grade while I was in sixth grade. Kids in my grade were doing things I already knew how to do. I would go to my friends house andRead MoreThe Importance Of Writing858 Words   |  4 Pagessecond generation vietnamese-american was not as bad as people think. I learned English and Vietnamese at the same time as a child. I grew up speaking both languages fluently but obviously I spoke English and Vietnamese at home; I still do it to this day. Reading came very easily to me. The alphabet sank into my head. I could sound out words and was amazing at spelling during primary school. Reading throughout school was easy. I read the article or book and answer the questions if need be. I understoodRead MoreThe Assessment Of Multiple Intelligence, Preferred Learning Style And Left Right Brain1734 Words   |  7 Pagesintelligences are dominant for you. My results for the following intelligences were: Linguistic (word smart) My result for Linguistic was 17/25, which was surprising for me and it was one of the scores I most disagreed with. I consider my linguistic skills to be one of my biggest strengths; although I believe what threw the testing off was questions about learning new languages, as I find that very difficult, despite my skills with English. Logical (number smart) My logical results were as expect asRead MoreEnglish Language Learners : Bilingual Education1694 Words   |  7 Pagescentury there was no set way of how to teach an English-language learner. Some schools practiced bilingual education. Other schools placed immigrant children in English-language learner programs to prepare them for the English-only classroom. Other schools segregated schools specifically for the immigrants aimed at teaching them the language. Some schools just placed immigrant children in English-only classrooms and hoped they would learn. Even though schools like those in New York reported that 60 percentRead MoreThe Path Towards A Successful Life999 Words   |  4 Pagesis the ultimate key to empowerment within oneself and is the path towards a successful life. Throughout my life, knowledge has always been rested between the pages of books. Reading was my ultimate escape from the realities of life. My parents immigrated from Cali, Colombia to Queens, New York when I was only three years old. My education in New York is what deeply rooted my love for schooling. My parents instilled within me a set of beliefs that included the importance of education and literatureRead MoreLiteracy Narrative Essay example854 Words   |  4 PagesWriting has always been my most difficult part of English. Reading, on the other hand, is something I could do all day; however, with writing, I grimace just thinking about it. It was not that I did not have anything to say, because I actually have quite a bit to say. I just could never figure out how to phrase what I had to say in just right way on the page. My mom taught me to read and write at a young age. After that, I would devour any book that I could get my hands on. However, I have hadRead MoreAn Insight On Literacy Is Not My Strong Suit919 Words   |  4 Pagesnot my strong suit. Literacy throughout my life seem not to cope with me. Later as I grew up, literacy meant to me that it is one’s ability t o read, write, and speak. More importantly there is a more meaning of literacy, meaning that not only writing, reading, and speaking, but able to understand, analyze, and communicate with other peoples’ ideas. Soon enough literacy has made an impact on my life, it has been and will be a lifelong process. Literacy will always be with me, starting from my pastRead MoreGraduation Speech : My Experience957 Words   |  4 PagesI can remember a presentation I gave to my school when I was in grade 4. Students were nominated by their teachers from grade 4 to grade 6 and the students were asked to give a speech on a particular question. I believe it was my first big presentation, so I made sure I practiced many times at home in front of my parents and on my own in front of a mirror as well. When it came time for me to present, I forgot all the words to my presentation. I remember feeling embarrassed, but also disappointed

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Probability And Nonprobability Example

Essays on Probability And Nonprobability Coursework Probability and Non Probability Probability and Non Probability As d, probability sampling is quite useful as it provides a strategy whereby the research can focus on a given population and then pick randomly to find participants. It effectively eliminates the possibility that the researcher is biased in who or she picks to participate in a study and enables for a simplistic way to determine who should be asked. Scientifically, the larger the sample size, the more likelihood that a good representative of different viewpoints regarding the topic under examination. This is one of the drawbacks, however, if the population is quite small, as the statistical probability of have a sample size that is not truly representative of the overall population would be much higher. Probability sampling would certainly be the sampling method of choice for the final project titled: The Impact of Group Support on Stress in the Workplace. This choice of method is justified because it will enable the res earch to obtain a healthy cross section of different employees throughout the organization whose population forms the foundation for the study. This will lead to reliable and valid data because bias will have been eliminated as much as possible, and the eventual sample size that is chosen will be more reflective of the type of employees working in that particular type of industry or occupation (Groves, Presser, Dipko, 2004). ReferencesGroves, R. M., Presser, S., and Dipko, S. (2004). The role of topic interest in survey participation decisions. Public Opinion Quarterly, 68(1), 231.

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rhetorical analysis Essay Example For Students

rhetorical analysis Essay Teja Arboleda, an assistant professor at the New England Institute of Art in Brookline, Massachusetts teaches race and ethnic courses. He plans to use entertainment to teach about race and cultural diversity. A clear example of this is his case study Race Is A Four Letter Word, in which he discusses racial stereotypes that he has experienced in his travels around the world. To prove his point Mr. Arboleda talks about his personal experiences as well as those of his family. In order to persuade his audience he connects with the emotions of the readers through the use of racial lurs that he has experienced personally. Throughout Arboledas life he was Judged because of who he was. He was called different names, by different races of people. Arboleda himself did not know who he was. His father was a Filipino-Chinese and African/American and his mother who was Danish and German. His parents are different multicultural and come from different places. Where his parents come from does not matter because it is where he grew up that defines who he is. He grew up in different parts of the world, this is why it is hard for him to define who he is. He has been around different cultures, which teach im different values. Arboledas life is surrounded by different cultural diversities. He was born in New York but raised in Japan. With all of his experiences this is how he found his career. His career of teaching about race and ethnic relations. Traveling the world with his family has taught him, the world is really multicultural. Learning to adapt to new environments has become second nature to him. He asks himself, Why diversity or multicultural is so confusing or overwhelming? This reasoning is because people tend to marry across religious, culture, and ethnic barriers. page 123) This essay is very interesting to the eye because racism is still present in todays world. To determine wether this essay is effective or not is by using the three rhetorical appeals logos, pathos, and ethos. Logos is the persuasion of reasoning, or the effectiveness of the supporting evidence. In Teja Arboledas, Race is a Four-Letter Word he explains how immigrants are shaping the society. When immigrants keep coming to the United States they share their heritages and cultural values. This is how the world is so multicultural, we have people traveling from country to country sharing different deas and aspects that it is hard to tell what was originally brought up in that certain area. Arboleda found a Time magazine called, The New face of America describing the new shape to society. The magazine shows reason about Arboledas essay. It supports what his main reasoning is and helps him discover more evidence for himself. Pathos is often associated with emotional appeal. When using pathos it is a good idea to get into the readers head, in other words imagination. In the beginning of the essay Arboleda starts with phrases such as Ive been called n and a neighbor set he dogs on us in Queens, New York another, IVe been called Jap and was blamed for Americas weakness. This gets into the readers emotions, making them feel sorry. It makes the reader think, does this really happen in todays society? Also it might comes from. He wants to get the point across that we are all the same in different ways. Ethos is the credibility a author can give of an essay. Convincing people to believe with using promises or I guarantees you. Arboleda uses ethos by explaining how we traveled the world with his family. We do not know this for sure but he seems onvincing enough that we believe him. As a child he felt like he was being dragged to different corners of the world. (page 122) He uses he expression dragged as if it was the worst time of his life. .u393520aeef967f259ea23ad7b04474bc , .u393520aeef967f259ea23ad7b04474bc .postImageUrl , .u393520aeef967f259ea23ad7b04474bc .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u393520aeef967f259ea23ad7b04474bc , .u393520aeef967f259ea23ad7b04474bc:hover , .u393520aeef967f259ea23ad7b04474bc:visited , .u393520aeef967f259ea23ad7b04474bc:active { border:0!important; } .u393520aeef967f259ea23ad7b04474bc .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u393520aeef967f259ea23ad7b04474bc { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u393520aeef967f259ea23ad7b04474bc:active , .u393520aeef967f259ea23ad7b04474bc:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u393520aeef967f259ea23ad7b04474bc .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u393520aeef967f259ea23ad7b04474bc .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u393520aeef967f259ea23ad7b04474bc .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u393520aeef967f259ea23ad7b04474bc .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u393520aeef967f259ea23ad7b04474bc:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u393520aeef967f259ea23ad7b04474bc .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u393520aeef967f259ea23ad7b04474bc .u393520aeef967f259ea23ad7b04474bc-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u393520aeef967f259ea23ad7b04474bc:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Nutrition EssayHaving to travel all over the world he learned how many different cultures their really are and still so many to explore. As I explained earlier he said over-adapting to new environments had been like second nature to him. (page 121) He exclaimed he learned different cultures as he was growing up. Traveling from place to place learning from different cultures this is why he does not now What he is and is still discovering new things about himself. In Teja Arboledas essay he uses the three different appeals very well. He connects with the reader in many different ways. By reason, emotion, and credibility. He has reasoning behind his life. Where he came from and his initial background. He describes what is going to come of this world by using supported magazines. Emotionally, he grabs the reader by showing how he felt when people would Judge him. Also by how it can hurt other people. The credibility he uses is by describing his life struggles. Arboleda says that he traveled the world when growing up seeing different races, cultures, ethnic backgrounds, and societies. Explaining the struggle he went threw had the readers attention from the beginning. When explaining ones life to another is very personal and had to be hard for him to share. Arboleda, being an assistant professor has enough courage to explain his life. Him being so different with so many different backgrounds growing really had a tole on him. About the Founder. 2013 Entertaining Diversity. 18 September 2013 Race Pizza. 2013 Entertaining Diversity. 18 September 2013

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THE ECCLESIAZUS Essay Example For Students

THE ECCLESIAZUS? Essay A monologue from the play by Aristophanes NOTE: This monologue is reprinted from Aristophanes: The Eleven Comedies. Trans. Anonymous. London: The Athenian Society, 1922. PRAXAGORA: My country is as dear to me as it is to you, and I groan, I am grieved at all that is happening in it. Scarcely one in ten of those who rule it is honest, and all the others are bad. If you appoint fresh chiefs, they will do still worse. It is hard to correct your peevish humour; you fear those who love you and throw yourselves at the feet of those who betray you. There was a time when we had no assemblies, and then we all thought Agyrrhius a dishonest man; now they are established, he who gets money thinks everything is as it should be, and he who does not, declares all who sell their votes to be worthy of death. When we were discussing the alliance, it seemed as though it were all over with Athens if it fell through. No sooner was it made than we were vexed and angry, and the orator who had caused its adoption was compelled to seek safety in flight. You vote yourselves salaries out of the public funds and care only for your own personal interests; hence the state limps along like ?simus. But if you hearken to me, you will be saved. I assert that the direction of affairs must be handed over to the women, for tis they who have charge and look after our households. They are worth more than you are, as I shall prove. First of all they wash all their wool in warm water, according to the ancient practice; you will never see them changing their method. Ah! if Athens only acted thus, if it did not take delight in ceaseless innovations, would not its happiness be assured? Then the women sit down to cook, as they always did; they carry things on their head as was their wont; they keep the Thesmophoria, as they have ever done; they knead their cakes just as they used to; they make their husbands angry as they have always done; they receive their lovers in their houses as was their constant custom; they buy dainties as they always did; they love unmixed wine as well as ever; they delight in being loved just as much as they always have. Let us therefore hand A thens over to them without endless discussions, without bothering ourselves about what they will do; let us simply hand them over the power, remembering that they are mothers and will therefore spare the blood of our soldiers; besides, who will know better than a mother how to forward provisions to the front? Woman is adept at getting money for herself and will not easily let herself be deceived; she understands deceit too well herself. I omit a thousand other advantages. Take my advice and you will live in perfect happiness. We will write a custom essay on THE ECCLESIAZUS? specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now

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Culture Humility Essay Example

Culture Humility Essay Example Culture Humility Paper Culture Humility Paper What is the relevance of practicing cultural humility in the field of counseling? The relevance of practicing cultural humility in the field of counseling is that this practice builds trust in the counselor-client relationship, rather than the tearing down or stereotyping of that or other cultures. In helping professions it is mandatory to consider the needs of the client as well as factors that influence the clients needs or communication of needs. By practicing cultural humility in the field of counseling the ounselor understands the importance of being a life-long learner and that the continuous growing, learning, and considering the uniqueness of each individual is paramount for the counselors success. Cultural humility ensures a lifelong commitment to self-evaluation and self-critique, readdressing the power imbalances in the patient physician dynamic and to developing mutually beneficial and no paternalistic clinical and advocacy partnership with communities on behalf of the individuals and defined populations (Murray-Garcia Tervalon, 1998). Cultural humility in the field of counseling lessens the potential for cultural stereotyping. Cultural stereotyping is functioning under the belief that each culture can be defined and not taking into account the uniqueness of each individual. Different experiences in school with peers, as well as qualitative differences in how parents treat them will contribute to individual uniqueness (Sue Sue, 2008). This statement is basically conveying that not all people are the same, and not all people within a culture handle situations the same. Just because I may have the same beliefs, doesnt mean I may agree with the way things are handle within your particular household. Cultural humility allows for the counselor to act as a learner of the client and not as an expert. It allows for a counselor to seek to learn, rather than to impose their knowledge on individuals. Cultural humility comes from stepping away from the comfort zone of expert and acknowledging when we might not know what else to do (Austerlic, 2009). References Austerlic , S. (2009). Cultural humility and compassionate presence at the end of life. Retrieved from scu. edu/ethics/practicing/focusareas/medical/culturally- competent-care/chronic- Murray-Garcia, J. , Tervalon , M. (1998). Cultural humility versus cultural competence: A critical distinction in defining physician training outcomes in multicultural education. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 9(2), 117-125. Sue, D. W. , Sue, D. (2008). Counseling the culturally diverse, theory and practice. 5th ed. ). Hoboken: John Wiley Sons, Inc. What is the difference between cultural competence and cultural humility? Cultural competence and cultural humility could be misunderstood to be the same, but are quite different. Cultural competence is the ensuring that ones culture is being considered, whereas cultural humility is the ongoing practices of considering ones culture, confronting self-awareness, and constantly learning about the dynamic world in which we live in. The difference in that previous statement is that with competence, you are trying to make sure that steps are taken to ensure that a particular culture is recognized, hereas with humility, it is a norm to make sure that a culture is recognized and appreciated. Cultural competence is a conceptual framework to help providers 2009). Whereas cultural humility is the practice with no foreseeable end goal but instead a paradigm of understanding that ones culture is to be considered individually; that in order to effectively consider another there must first be complete consideration of ones self. Cultural humility comes from thinking outside the box and stepping away from the the sense of normalcy to acknowledging when we might not now what else to do (Austerlic, 2009). It is a process that requires humility as individuals continually engage in self-reflection and self-critique as lifelong learners and reflective practitioners (Murray-Garcia Tervalon, 1998). Cultural humility allows the counselor the moment of intense self-reflection and to use unconventional methods to understanding and truly learning from the client as an individual. Counselors can create opportunities to communicate respect to the client by honoring the clients unique way of perceiving and interacting with the world (Nystul, 010). References Underserved, 9(2), 117-125. Nystul, M. S. (2010). Introduction to counseling, an art and science perspective. Prentice Hall. What are your reflections about the video? The video Cultural Humility by Vivian Chavez was an intriguing video to say the least. The video made me self-reflect my thoughts and brought awareness to my incompetence in cultural awareness. The video truly made me consider and respect the importance of an idea of a culture, and one must be a learner of the individual as well as the culture. To Just understand how a culture impacts an individuals life does not encompass humility. At the beginning of the video diverse people described cultural humility in one word, a few that stood out were love and compassion. These words each play a role in cultural humility. Love focuses on the learning and seeking knowledge, and compassion relates to understanding the feeling of others and treating them with this understanding. As an African American male from in an inner city neighborhood, I am familiar with discrimination, I found after viewing this ilm that I was naive to the struggles of many other individuals in this country. I grew up feeling that I was proud of where I came from, not because of what I accomplished as a child from the hood making good of himself with guidance from parents who made sure of my success, but because I always felt that no one had it as tough as I had it growing up. I grew up with a chip on my shoulder. This video made me realize how selfish and inconsiderate I was, and made me realize that I didnt have it as worse as others.